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Come on everybody!!

 Are you ready??


We are rock&roll star!!

‘Believe everything’




‘Celebrity is a job’

‘Remember what you dream’

‘Enjoy the surface’

‘Ambition bites the nails of success’

‘It’s your world, you can change it’

‘Contradiction is balance’

‘I’ d like to teach the world to sing’


‘Call your mother’

‘Ask the right questions’

‘Everything not forbidden is compulsory’

‘Cry more often’

‘React or die’


‘Everything you know is wrong’

‘The future is a fantasy’

‘Death is a career move’

‘A friend is someone who lets you help’

‘Celery is rhubarb’s ugly sister’

‘Guilt is not of God’



‘Nobody is promised a tomorrow’

‘Nobody move and nobody get hurt’

‘Work is the blackmail of survival

‘Be gentle with me’


‘It could never happen here’




inspiració i exercici de divertiment





















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